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Lovers Lake

by Lovers Lake

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zsmith666 thumbnail
zsmith666 Such a well-arranged, multi-layered sound that's full of nostalgia but also modern at the same time. Favorite track: Burnouts.
Eron G.
Eron G. thumbnail
Eron G. Love the late 80's vibe. Driving beats and retro synths FTW
irishnghtmare thumbnail
irishnghtmare I just recently got turned on to Lovers Lake by a synth podcast and I'm so glad I did. They have a great sound and my whole family has been enjoying it. Keep it up! Favorite track: Eternal.
Pinky Saxton
Pinky Saxton thumbnail
Pinky Saxton This is the perfect album to dance to in the kitchen while doing housework. Things feel light and free, and inspire me to go outside afterward just to enjoy the world. Favorite track: Fireworks at the Water.
palehorse666 thumbnail
palehorse666 pitch perfect vocal retrowave. no shortage of beautiful tracks. Favorite track: Starfall.
lonely_sarsparilla_farmer thumbnail
lonely_sarsparilla_farmer Starfall is a banger. Makes me feel a lil bit brighter Favorite track: Starfall.
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Starfall 03:05
Your touch is a ghost The one that I despise and need the most It's haunting our home You better never leave me here alone Sky after sky we fade like the sun I'll chase you through the sky and then I'll lose you to the night again Your voice is a ghost hanging in the wires in my phone
In a sapphire sky The sunset lies there bleeding And burns my eyes A blanket of wires Can hold you till the night ends They’ll hold you tight There's comfort to know that wherever we go it's the end And the tighter I hold the quicker you slip from my hands The more that I love it just isn’t enough and I don't think that I understand But whatever the end is we go there together again Hold my hand And I will be your best friend Understand
Burnouts 03:21
Make our way down through a couple of towns Hit the stereo as we're driving around And the pulse is in my chest as my heart starts to pound To the sadness of the heat as we drown in the sound Picked the wrong street to be taking me down Smoke is on the wheels grips and burns on the ground As I lose my next breath the glass misting to cloud And I think I might find what I already found Bad things happen you’re the worst that ever happened to me Time lapses for the things we always wanted to be Dead language as I lie upon the mattress, and we're fractions of ourselves To what accidentally happened But if you believe to set me free Sun goes down what's the worst that we can be Can't you see that I’ll never be anything Can’t you see that you’re the worst of me And if you believe I'll set you free Sun goes down what's the worst that we can be Until the next day I feel you slipping away Tearing up the plans that we already made And I’m just a lost cause playing games with a stray As the light starts to fall on the seats where we lay
Eternal 03:44
Photos of you in a frame Don’t think I’ll hold them again Feel the sunlight on my face Feels likes falling from grace Headlights A lightshow A place that only we know A lightning storm The break of dawn A place to hold and keep us warm Hold my breath And count to ten Drown myself in you again A missing piece I feel beneath My skin and bone, that I can’t leave I keep chasing and racing you round But you keep fading away You keep diving and driving me down And I keep running away Electrified blood in my veins Like wires that spell out your name
A setting sun and it won’t be long Till we light the fuse and it’s dead and gone To an empty sky that will ask us why We set the fire that we sent to die I feel my heartbeat in my chest A flame that rose higher than the rest Am I nothing more than a nervous wreck Am I something more than you can forget Fireworks at the water We can’t tell that it’s over now A broken rainbow on a lonely town Fireworks made me shiver On a lake that goes on forever and then The water reflects then it starts again It arched across the sky and bled To turn your face to a silhouette A moment more there’s a moment left To turn to ash as the colour wept The vapour left and the crowd has gone In an empty field I’m the only one I’m lost again as the night is done To turn my back on a fractured sun
Edged our names into the tree Bark falls down upon my feet This wasn’t how it’s all supposed to be Nothing left here but a name The cut it makes won’t feel the same On who we were and who’s the one to blame Starkissed Sunset Separate Hopeless Restless Anyway They’re catching our fire, to burn their desire You’re the one thing that I know that I can take that takes me higher A storm that dances in the sky Lights the tree it electrifies Torches the letters through to U and I Open our eyes into the sun The ultraviolet blinding us The night has past the day has just begun
Tidal Waves 03:23
We're in the streetlight catching cold Setting fire to cigarettes Caught in the headlights getting old Looking back with no regrets You’re the waves, I’m the sea, Your tide in me You’re the waves, I’m the sea, You break in me You’re in the streetlight on your own Your shadow pulls you down again
Survive 03:35
Watching the smoke runaway with the breeze A heart that's full of love and disease The same blood that runs through me A line of light, a line of trees A line that snakes its way through the cracked concrete My soul's there with the debris But I won’t, I won’t look back, No I won’t, I won’t look back Teach me how to thrive, to run and to survive The way that we escape It’s not too late Teach me how to drive, through a broken ray of light A shadow of your love The night has come Two long roads stretching out in the dark Lights it's stupid fire within my heart And hold that shaking spark But I won't, I won't look down, no I won't, I won't look down
Dreams swim in the window frame Shall I see this all again with you tomorrow Down the line and I’m doing fine but I don’t know why I lie in a lake of sorrow As something swims against the stream And the wires I hold, hold you to me Cast, in, time, pulling through the dark, of the night Tell me can you hold, this, line, ending in a tangled fight Its 3am and it starts again I hold the phone the wires tie themselves to me And I lose myself in something in else, Is there somewhere else to be other than recovery As something swims against the stream And the wires I hold, hold you to me Cast, in, time, pulling through the dark, of the night, Tell me can you hold, this, line, ending in a tangled fight



You are now in the presence of something great. Presenting the formation of...Lovers Lake. A new superband that promises to reign supreme in the realm of dreamsynth. Listen and enjoy.


released July 15, 2022

Produced by Lovers Lake. All music and lyrics by Lovers Lake.
Artwork by: @nibera_visuals


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