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And so it ends, like it began for me  In all that we can deceive  A lie that we can believe  So you see  A love that’s lost to the deep  The dawn shines down on the sea  A ghost is all that we need    I’m not saying it’s all over  I’m not saying that our time is up  And even if nobody’s been before,  It’s all we live for    When you’re lost baby breathe   When there’s nothing left to believe   When you’re fading you’re all that I need
Rebels 03:14
Rebel run and meet me out in the dark  Watch the flame chase its tail tracing back to the spark  We ignite so we can light up the stars that we are    And you can tell me what you’re thinking  And give me something to believe in    We will run till the last night  Drive till the daybreaks  Burn till the light fades  You know that you’re the one thing  I can believe in  If our hearts collide
Fire 03:29
Our love, has gone  Into the shadows into the darkness into the lost  One chance for us,  Out of the shadows out of the darkness into the sun    You are my fire, fire, fire     Just what can I do, I’m the only one, who still believes in you
New York 03:18
You hold the fire burning light across the dark  You cast a shadow lying deep in all of us  Your statue drew a silhouette across the city where we walk  Sparked a memory in the torch that we all hold    In New York New York New York    And she sleeps in the fire  And we lie there beside her  You’re the one, the one place we call home
Can you see the sun  It shivers right in front of us  Can you feel the fire  It’s brighter if you let it burn    You wave of light  Setting like the sun  Torch the Neon sky  You wave of light  You’re always in the air  You’re never going to end    Run baby run you know I’ll chase you so far  Burn baby burn just light the fire in your heart     You’re always in the air  You’re never going to end
Rush 03:24
I get this rush like when we touch I can feel the blood run round my veins If we fall this fast we can make this last Another chance to start again It’s my line and I’m going to break it It’s not mine and I’m going to take it I won’t leave unless we leave it all behind They’re all watching they all follow I will be famous by tomorrow If you’re waiting I’m not waiting anymore Get a rush when I run with you I get this rush like when we touch I can feel the blood running around tonight If we fall this fast we can make this last Another chance to start again
Fade 03:45
And I just can’t tell the difference between memory and pain  As you walk into the distance and I watch you fade away  If it only takes forever that’s a price I’ll have to pay  And we lose ourselves together in a light that turns to shade    Tell me what you want and walk away with me  Tell me everything that you’re supposed to be  Tell me everything before I pass you bye  I’m going to make it tonight x2  And I, want to follow you x4
Magnetic 03:36
I saw your silhouette in my dream  Opened my eyes  I couldn’t breath  I couldn’t even see  What I wanted you to be    I watched you wake up next to me  Another shadow I didn’t need  You know I’ll never be  What you needed me to be    Now its three am and the night gets started  I pull you close and you pull me apart  Like you always do  Just like you always do    Now the sky is light and it’s almost over  The memory fades and we’re almost over  Like we always do  Just like we always do      Another chance   Another time  Without the past creeping inside  Couldn’t even kee[  What I wanted us to keep    I still remember all these years  Every fall  I ever feared  I know I’ll never find  What I wanted us to find
Runaways 02:44
I saw things in you  Saw things in you I’ve never seen before  Saw things in us  Saw things I’ve never cared before    You don’t know me like I know you  I’ve been watching you    I’m getting way ahead of myself  It doesn’t really make any sense  Taking everything in my head  Making it real as well    I lost things with you  Lost things and I lost them all too soon  Lost things with us  I lost things I never even knew
I’m only here for tonight   I’m leaving tomorrow   We’re running out of time   If you’re leaving I’ll follow  Let’s get lost tonight   In a place nobody else can find   Let’s get close tonight   On a late night get away drive    Late night getaway drive



*Peaked at #5 on the USA iTunes Electronic Album Charts.

The time is now! W O L F C L U B are back again with another captivating and immersive sound. Large, vast and monumental synths await you. RUNAWAYS was made to be played whilst cruising down the highway and for celebration! A must for all RetroSynth lovers.


released May 1, 2020


Art by SIgnalnoise
Album title fontwork by Forces Creative

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